Faculty Emeritus

Name & Title Contact Information
Jeffrey Butts

Dr. Jeffrey A. Butts

Professor of Parasitology and Epidemiology (Retired)
William Dewel

Dr. William C. Dewel

Professor of Embryology and Development, Early Metazoan Evolution (Retired)

Dr. Dru A. Henson

Professor of Exercise Immunology & Animal Physiology (Retired)
Mathius Sedivec

Dr. Mathius J. Sedivec

Professor of Neurobiology and Animal Physiology (Retired)
Wayne Van Devender

Dr. R. Wayne Van Devender

Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Population Dynamics, Herpetology and Vertebrate Biology (Retired)
Gary Walker

Dr. Gary L. Walker

Professor of Cliff-Face Ecology (Retired)