Dr. Matt Estep

The Amphibolite Mountains, located in northwestern North Carolina (Watauga and Ashe Counties), are home to many unique plant species. Due to the distinct geology of the area and deep position within the Southern Appalachians, these unglaciated peaks acted as refugia during previous ice ages and today harbor many rare and disjunct species. Small, isolated populations of plants, high on the Amphibolite peaks, are vulnerable to extinction due to a variety of factors (for example, climate change, land development, and outdoor recreation). My lab group focuses on documenting this biodiversity and providing local land managers with valuable demographic or genetic data to help develop management plans that ensure the preservation of our state's natural heritage.

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Website: https://sites.google.com/appstate.edu/estep-lab/

Title: Associate Professor , Director, Biology Honors Program , Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
Department: Department of Biology

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