Dr. Jennifer C. Geib

Website: www.appstate.edu/~geibjc


  • 2010 Ph.D. University of Missouri, Biology
  • 2002 M.Ed. University of Missouri, Curriculum and Instruction
  • 1996 B.S. University of Iowa, Science Education

Professional Experience:

  • 2010-Present Associate Professor; Department of Biology, Appalachian State University
  • 2000-2003 Coordinator, Gender Equity in Physics; Physics Department, University of Missouri
  • 1997-2000 Middle School Science Teacher; Columbia (Missouri) Public Schools


  • Science Education
  • Science Teacher Education
  • Ecology, ecological genetics, and behavior
  • Plants and pollinators
  • Alpine Ecosystems
  • History and Philosophy of Science

Research interests:

For more information see my website http://www.appstate.edu/~geibjc

My unusual combination of professional experiences have led me to research interests that span two broad but interconnected realms: Ecology and Science Education. Within ecology I am interested in

  • Partner dynamics in pollination mutualisms across varying spatial and temporal scales
  • Population biology and genetics of plants and eusocial pollinators, especially bumble bees
  • Links between individual behavior of animals and effects that manifest at larger scales
  • The implications of climate change and extreme climatic events for pollination mutualisms
  • Using quantitative models to further understanding of population biology and ecology

My educational research interests are united by a single theme: The effective preparation of science educators from their pre-service preparation throughout their teaching careers.

Selected Publications:

2015. Miller-Struttmann, N.E., J.C. Geib, J.D. Franklin, P.G. Kevan, R.M. Holdo, D. Ebert-May, J.A. Kettenbach, E. Hedrick, and C. Galen. Functional mismatch in a bumble bee pollination mutualism under climate change. Science 349:1541-1544.

2015. Geib, J.C., J. Strange, and C. Galen. Bumble bee nest abundance, foraging distance, and host-plant reproduction: Implications for management and conservation. Ecological Applications 25: 768–778.

2012. Geib, J.C. and C. Galen. Tracing impacts of partner abundance in facultative pollination mutualisms: from individuals to populations. Ecology 93: 1581-92.

2011. Galen, C., R. Kaczorowski, S.L. Todd, J. Geib, and R.A. Raguso. Dosage-dependent impacts of a floral volatile compound on pollinators, larcenists, and the potential for floral evolution in the Alpine Skypilot Polemonium viscosum. The American Naturalist 177: 258-272.

2006. Galen, C. and J. C. Geib. Conditions for evolution in a pollination mutualism: density dependent effects of nectar-thieving ants on selection for bumblebee pollination in the alpine wildflower, Polemonium viscosum. Ecology 88: 1202-1209.

2003. Chandrasekhar, M. and J.C. Geib. Hands-on Physics Programs for Middle Level Students. Women in Engineering Programs and Advocates Network (WEPAN) Conference Proceedings.

2002. Chandrasekhar, M.., R. Litherland, and J.C. Geib. Exploring Physics-Electricity and Magnetism: Hands-On Activities for Middle Grades (CD-ROM).

Title: Associate Professor , Assistant Chair for Student Affairs, Ecology and Science Teacher Education
Department: Department of Biology

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-2174

Office address
Rankin Science West 169