murrell_herbarium_2014crop.jpgWelcome to the Department of Biology at Appalachian State University. We hope this website can give you a greater understanding of our Department.

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for students to do science and to learn through doing. We have many classes with associated laboratories that offer hands-on learning in the lab and the field. Our students are encouraged to engage in independent research and our faculty welcome undergraduates into their labs and field studies.

Our highly dedicated faculty represent the breadth of life sciences expertise, with research programs ranging across the tree of life, from molecules and cells to complex ecological interactions and landscape scale analyses. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our students reach their goals and preparing our students for futures in academics, K-12 education, business, conservation, and in medical, dental and veterinary fields.

The Department of Biology supports a robust graduate program where students can earn a Master of Science degree in a broad range of research areas. We encourage our graduate and undergraduate students to collaborate and many develop projects that result in publications and presentations at regional and national meetings. Both our undergraduates and graduate students have enjoyed tremendous success.

I encourage potential undergraduate and graduate students to learn about our program through this website, but also to contact individual faculty and visit the Department. Our state-of-the-art technological capabilities, our unrivaled natural areas and our cutting edge teachers and researchers provide an exciting place to "do biology."

Zack. E Murrell, PhD.
Professor and Chair
Department of Biology
Ph: (828) 262-2674