Name & Title Contact Information
Maryam Ahmed

Dr. Maryam Ahmed

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair for Faculty Affairs
Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity
(828) 262-2677
Rankin Science North 215

Dr. Andrew Bellemer

Associate Professor
Molecular Neuroscience
(828) 262-6923
Rankin Science North 319

Dr. Rachel Bleich

Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Biology
(828) 262-3025
Rankin Science West 263
Cortney Bouldin

Dr. Cortney Bouldin

Assistant Professor
Molecular Embryology
(828) 262-2077
Rankin Science West 265
Suzanna Brauer

Dr. Suzanna Bräuer

Associate Professor
Microbial Ecology
(828) 262-7451
Rankin Science West 264
Dr. Clare Scott Chialvo

Dr. Clare Scott Chialvo

Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Biology and Entomology
(828) 262-2672
Rankin Science South 216
Robert Creed

Dr. Robert P. Creed

Aquatic Ecology and Community Ecology
(828) 262-6512
Rankin Science West 043
Jon Davenport photo

Dr. Jon Davenport

Assistant Professor
Community Ecology, Herpetology, Conservation Biology
(828) 262-2673
Rankin Science West 261
Matt Estep

Dr. Matt Estep

Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
(828) 262-8058
Rankin Science North 315
Cara Fiore

Dr. Cara Fiore

Assistant Professor
(828) 262-7548
Rankin Science South 214
Michael Gangloff

Dr. Michael Gangloff

Assistant Professor
Freshwater Conservation Biology
(828) 262-7790
Rankin Science West 258
Jennifer Geib

Dr. Jennifer C. Geib

Associate Professor
Ecology and Science Teacher Education
(828) 262-2174
Rankin Science West 169
Guichuan Hou

Dr. Guichuan Hou

Professor and Director, Electron Microscope Facility
Microscopy and Plant Developmental Cell Biology
(828) 262-2682
Rankin Science South 112

Dr. Ece Karatan

Professor and Vice Provost for Research
Molecular Microbiology
(828) 262-8557
383 John E. Thomas Building
Mary Kinkel

Dr. Mary Kinkel

Assistant Professor
Developmental Biology
(828) 262-6907
Rankin Science South 230
Michael Madritch photo

Dr. Mike Madritch

Associate Professor and Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Ecosystems and Ecology
(828) 262-2413
College of Arts and Science
201 Greer Hall
Zack Murrell

Dr. Zack E. Murrell

Professor and Chair
Plant Systematics, Speciation and Hybridization & Southern Appalachian Floristics and Biogeography
(828) 262-2674
Rankin Science South 208A
Howie Neufeld

Dr. Howard S. Neufeld

Physiological Plant Ecology, Plant Water Relations Ecosystem Ecology, and Air Pollution Effects on Plants
(828) 262-2683
Rankin Science South 220

Dr. David C. Nieman

Professor, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory
Exercise and Nutrition Immunology
(828) 773-0056
North Carolina Research Campus
Michael Opata

Dr. Michael Opata

Assistant Professor
Immunology and Infectious Diseases
(828) 262-2671
Rankin Science South 232
Annkatrin Rose

Dr. Annkatrin Rose

Associate Professor
Plant Molecular Biology
(828) 262-7395
Rankin Science West 266
Steven Seagle

Dr. Steven W. Seagle

Terrestrial Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology
(828) 262-2681
Rankin Science West 292
Darren Seals

Dr. Darren Seals

Associate Professor
Cancer Cell Biology
(828) 262-2675
Rankin Science South 224
Lynn Siefferman

Dr. Lynn Siefferman

Associate Professor and Biology Honors Program Director
Behavioral Ecology
(828) 262-7082
Rankin Science West 272
Dr. Shea Tuberty

Dr. Shea Tuberty

Professor and Assistant Chair for Student Affairs
Invertebrate Physiology and Aquatic Ecotoxicology
(828) 262-6857
Rankin Science South 208B
Mark Venable

Dr. Mark E. Venable

Cell Biology, Lipids and Biofuels
(828) 262-6513
Rankin Science South 234

Dr. Crystal A. West, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(704) 250-5353
North Carolina Research Campus
Ray Williams

Dr. Ray S. Williams

Professor and Graduate Program Director
Insect Ecology and Plant-Insect Interactions
(828) 262-6511
Rankin Science North 217
Ted Zerucha

Dr. Ted Zerucha

Professor and Director of General Education
Development and Evolution
(828) 262-2083
Rankin Science North 213