Faculty members in the Department of Biology conduct active research in a variety of fields, including algal molecular biology, aquatic ecology, cell biology, conservation biology, cytogenetics, developmental biology, ecological genetics, entomology, immunology, microbial ecology, mycology, neurobiology, parasitology, plant physiological ecology, and systematics. Research programs in the Department of Biology receive outside funding from many sources including the National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and private corporations.

Name & Title Contact Information
Maryam Ahmed

Dr. Maryam Ahmed

Assistant Chair for Faculty Affairs
Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity
Rankin Science North 215

Dr. Andrew Bellemer

Associate Professor
Molecular Neuroscience
Rankin Science North 319

Dr. Rachel Bleich

Assistant Professor
Rankin Science West 263
Cortney Bouldin

Dr. Cortney Bouldin

Assistant Professor
Molecular Embryology
Rankin Science North 321
Suzanna Brauer

Dr. Suzanna Bräuer

Microbial Ecology
Rankin Science West 264
Dr. Clare Scott Chialvo

Dr. Clare Scott Chialvo

Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Biology and Entomology
Rankin Science South 216
Robert Creed

Dr. Robert P. Creed

Aquatic Ecology and Community Ecology
Rankin Science West 043
Jon Davenport photo

Dr. Jon Davenport

Assistant Professor
Community Ecology, Herpetology, Conservation Biology
Rankin Science West 261

Dr. Matt Estep

Associate Professor
Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
Rankin Science North 315

Dr. Cara Fiore

Assistant Professor
Rankin Science South 214
Michael Gangloff

Dr. Michael Gangloff

Associate Professor
Freshwater Conservation Biology
Rankin Science West 258
Jennifer Geib

Dr. Jennifer C. Geib

Associate Professor
Ecology and Science Teacher Education
Rankin Science West 169
Guichuan Hou

Dr. Guichuan Hou

Director, Electron Microscope Facility
Microscopy and Plant Developmental Cell Biology
Rankin Science South 112

Dr. Ece Karatan

Vice Provost for Research
Molecular Microbiology
383 John E. Thomas Building
Mary Kinkel

Dr. Mary Kinkel

Associate Professor
Developmental Biology
Rankin Science North 219

Dr. Mike Madritch

Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Ecosystems and Ecology
College of Arts and Science
201 Greer Hall
Zack Murrell

Dr. Zack E. Murrell

Plant Systematics, Speciation and Hybridization & Southern Appalachian Floristics and Biogeography
Rankin Science South 208A
Howie Neufeld

Dr. Howard S. Neufeld

Physiological Plant Ecology, Plant Water Relations Ecosystem Ecology
Air Pollution Effects on Plants
Rankin Science South 220

Dr. David C. Nieman

Director, Human Performance Laboratory
Exercise and Nutrition Immunology
North Carolina Research Campus
Michael Opata

Dr. Michael Opata

Assistant Professor
Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Rankin Science South 232
Annkatrin Rose

Dr. Annkatrin Rose

Associate Professor
Plant Molecular Biology
Rankin Science West 266
Steven Seagle

Dr. Steven W. Seagle

Terrestrial Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology
Rankin Science West 292
Darren Seals

Dr. Darren Seals

Associate Professor
Cancer Cell Biology
Rankin Science South 224
Lynn Siefferman

Dr. Lynn Siefferman

Director, Biology Honors Program
Behavioral Ecology
Rankin Science West 272
Dr. Shea Tuberty

Dr. Shea Tuberty

Assistant Chair for Student Affairs
Invertebrate Physiology and Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Rankin Science South 208B
Mark Venable

Dr. Mark E. Venable

Cell Biology, Lipids and Biofuels
Rankin Science South 234

Dr. Crystal A. West, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
North Carolina Research Campus
Ray Williams

Dr. Ray S. Williams

Director, Graduate Program
Insect Ecology and Plant-Insect Interactions
Rankin Science North 217
Ted Zerucha

Dr. Ted Zerucha

Director, General Education
Development and Evolution
Rankin Science North 213

Dr. Marketa Zimova

Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Ecology, Global Change Biology
Rankin Science South 230