Biology Peer Mentor Program


2024 Biology Peer Mentors

About the Biology Peer Mentor Program

The Biology Peer Mentors are a group of undergraduate biology students who are dedicated to fostering student success and community among students in the Biology Department. Our Peer Mentors play a crucial role in supporting undergraduate students, providing guidance and resources to help them navigate their academic journey and prepare for their future careers.

Meet Your Mentors

Our Peer Mentors are experienced students who have successfully completed the BIO 2300 course and are passionate about helping their peers succeed. They are available to provide feedback on your 4-year plans, give insight on courses you may need to take, and run workshops on topics relevant to your academic and career success.

Katherine Baloga

Major: Biology - Cell/Molecular Concentration, Minor in Music

Ask me about: Cell/molecular biology , peer mentoring, tutoring & advising, pre-health preparation, genetics, volunteering, working in healthcare as an undergrad, music minors, and chemistry minors.

Beka Davis

Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Concentration

Ask me about: The biology honors program, undergraduate research, biology study abroad opportunities, peer mentoring, biological science career paths, campus resources, and four year planning.

Denissa Mate

Biochemistry and Biology - Cell/Molecular Concentration

Ask me about: Cell/molecular concentration, biochemistry concentration, double majoring, honors college, working on/off campus, job shadowing, undergraduate research, club sports, volunteering, greek life, scholarships, and the pre-med track.

Maggie Vaughn

Major: Biology - Cellular/Molecular Concentration

Ask me about: Pre-dental track, undergraduate research, the honors college, biology honors program, volunteer work in healthcare, teaching assistantship in a chemistry lab, and four year planning.

Lanna Bruce

Biology - Cell/Molecular Concentration

Ask me about: Cell/molecular concentration, research, study abroad opportunities, incorporating music in your college experience, pre-veterinary science, and campus resources.

Aidan Gardner

Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental (EEE) Concentration

Ask me about: EEE concentration, campus resources, four year planning, the honors program, peer mentoring, campus involvement, tutoring, and volunteering.

Lindsey Pleasant

Major: Biology - Integrative Concentration in Public Health, Chemistry Minor

Ask me about: Integrative biology concentration, gut motility research, IUCAC animal research, laboratory research , undergraduate research awards (URA), transfer credits, honors biology program, and research/protocol writing.

Emma Williams

Biology - Cell/Molecular Concentration, Double Minor in Chemistry and Medical Humanities

Ask me about: Cell/molecular concentration, biochemistry and undergraduate research, teaching assistantships in chemistry labs, genetic counseling, career preparedness, and undergraduate advising.

How Can Biology Peer Mentors Help You?

Academic Guidance

Our Peer Mentors assist students in developing 4-year plans tailored to any of the five concentrations within the Biology major. They provide valuable insights and help you align your academic path with your career goals.

Resource Connection

Navigating university resources can be overwhelming. Peer Mentors are here to acquaint you with the various campus resources available, ensuring you have the support you need to succeed academically and personally.

Community Building

Your time in college is more enjoyable and rewarding when you feel part of a community. Peer Mentors are helping build community among Biology majors through engagement opportunities.

Join the Peer Mentor Program!

Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? We're looking for enthusiastic individuals who have taken the BIO 2300 course and are eager to support their peers. As a Peer Mentor, you'll gain valuable experience in mentorship, enhance your leadership skills, and contribute to the success of the Biology Department.

For more information about the Biology Peer Mentor Program, our mission and how to apply, visit Handshake and search for 'Biology Peer Mentor' (Job #8950381). Applications will be accepted until July 5th at 5 p.m.