Current Zoological Projects

Current and Ongoing Zoological Projects at Appalachian State

  • Climate change impacts on body condition of herpetofauna (PIs: Dr. Michael Gangloff, Dr. Lynn Siefferman)

  • Current and historic prevalence of amphibian pathogens (Ranavirus, Batrachochytrium) in northwestern North Carolina (PIs: Dr. Lynn Siefferman, Dr. Michael Osbourn)

  • Understanding factors that influence population dynamics in sensitive aquatic taxa (PI: Dr. Michael Gangloff)

  • Determining age and growth rate of imperiled freshwater mussels (Unionidae) using shell sectioning (PI: Dr. Michael Gangloff) 

  • AppAqua benthic invertebrate population and diversity studies (PI: Dr. Shea Tuberty): Dr. Shea Tuberty, an Invertebrate Zoologist and Ecotoxicologist , is part of the AppAqua (Appalachian Aquatic) science research team which takes an interdisciplinary research approach to better understand the complex human--‐environmental interactions affecting water resources in Southern Appalachian headwaters. Most of the research efforts of AppAqua are rooted in the Upper South Fork of the New River (USFNR) watershed. He uses collections of benthic macroinvertebrates to determine water quality and impacts from changes in land use and human development of watersheds. For more information on the AppAqua team and projects please visit their website at