Fall Color Report

Fall Color Report for Week of September 17, 2017

Sep 20, 2017
Well, today’s activities makes me think of the poem Maud Muller, by John Greenleaf Whittier (http://www.bartleby.com/102/76.html), which contains these immortal words:For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: "It might have been!"So what ‘might have been’? Well I was out scouting the leaves and encountered a closed Blue Ridge Parkway just up from Asheville about 7 miles, and had to turn around. The Parkway was closed for the next 20 miles until Park personnel can remove...

Fall Color Report for Week of September 10, 2017

Sep 20, 2017
Yesterday I checked out Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area, just outside West Jefferson, NC in Ashe County. This is a really nice place to view fall leaf colors, and to just take in the spectacular views from the top. You can drive all the way to the parking lot there by the picnic pavilion and then head out on the main trail for about ¾ mile to the Luther Rock viewpoint. It’s mostly level hiking, so it’s an easy trip. There are several other trails that go off the main one, and they all loop...

Fall Color Report for Week of September 3, 2017

Sep 20, 2017
Today was a beautiful day – clear blue skies, followed by a thin veneer of cirrus clouds later on, with comfortable, cool temperatures - perfect hiking weather. There were lots of people out on the trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway and at Grandfather Mountain State Park. I like to see people out experiencing nature – I overheard one young boy say that this was the best place he could remember. How great to hear something like that!I have posted photos that I took on my hike today. I found a...

Fall Color Report for Week of August 20, 2017

Aug 21, 2017
Not much has changed yet. I did see a nice red maple in Foscoe, just south of Boone, where one branch has bright red leaves, what we call "flagging". Otherwise, my report from last week stands for this week too! I added in one more shot of a beautiful sunflower. How appropriate for today's eclipse. You can watch it streaming on the ASU website if you want.

Fall Color Report for Week of August 13, 2017

Aug 15, 2017
Well, there haven't been many developments since my post last week. I do include a picture of the dogwoods across the street from my house. You can definitely see them starting to color up.Otherwise we continue in our late summer weather pattern, with higher humidities, making it very muggy here. Still getting ample rain too.I just learned that my university is playing UGA over the Labor Day weekend - in Athens, GA. All I can say is, Oh my!I've also included a picture of Mila, the fall color...

Fall Color Report for Week of August 6, 2017

Aug 8, 2017
It has been an unusually cool summer here in the High Country. Morning temperatures have been as low as 48F, and this past week, in the low 50s. We had to put on a blanket last night it got so cool! Daytime highs struggle to get in middle or high 70s. And the humidity has been low. Absolutely perfect weather. Some trees have already decided that it's time to prepare for the upcoming fall. The dogwood in my yard has already started turning purple. Note also on the whole tree photo (below)...

Fall Color Report for the Week of October 30, 2015

Oct 31, 2016
Today I took the Blue Ridge Parkway North from U.S. 321 near Blowing Rock and went all the way up to Doughton Park. While the colors are past peak right on the Parkway, there were sections where the trees were behind and still in fine color, such as just north of the intersection with U.S. 421, and the forests at lower elevations were quite colorful. Throughout, the oaks have begun showing off, and on the ridges, the chestnut and scarlet oaks are turning a nice deep burgundy/red color, and on...

Fall Color Report for the Week of October 9, 2016

Oct 11, 2016
It’s rainy and dreary in the mountains today, as we’re getting some light rain bands from Hurricane Matthew. The wind has been gusty also, but lucky for us, the trees are holding on to most of their leaves. Some of the yellow leaves and early turning maple leaves have been lost due to the wind, but the winds weren’t too strong and most leaves are still on the trees.The colors have started to jump out now – they are mostly the yellows and oranges of the birches, poplars, magnolias, and maples,...

Fall Color Report for the Week of October 2, 2016

Oct 3, 2016
Colors have started appearing, almost as if someone had slowly turned up the color saturation on the forests, just like you can do with your digital photos or TV, and during the week, they have become gradually more noticeable. Although green is still the dominant color, we are finally seeing the beginnings of the color that attract all of us to the mountains at this time of the year.However, we won’t see really wide-spread colors until the next weekend. So, if the weather holds as it has for...

Fall Color Report for the Week of September 25, 2016

Sep 26, 2016
It’s been hot (like 10 degrees above normal hot) for the past week and we’ve had essentially no rainfall (just a mist on three days). You can check out the history of Boone weather over the past few months here:https://weather.com/weather/monthly/l/Boone+NC+28607:4:US. We have had only 0.07” of rain since the first of September and the last rainfall of any substance was only 0.38” on August 21st. It is DRY here and the drought monitoring system now has us in a moderate drought category:http://...

Fall Color Report for the Week of September 18, 2016

Sep 21, 2016
The weather in the mountains has been above normal in temperature and below normal in terms of rainfall. The NC Climate Office predicts drought will develop throughout the mountains this fall, especially near the Georgia border: (http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/…/expert_as…/season_drought.png). The higher temperatures could slightly delay the onset of fall colors, but only by a few days, so I don’t think you’ll have to change your plans if you’ve already decided on which weekend or weekday that...

Fall Color Report for the Week of September 11, 2016

Sep 13, 2016
Another week has passed and there have been some noticeable changes in tree leaf color, but most of this is confined to urban trees and bushes and not those out on in the forests on the hillsides. As the pictures below confirm, the ornamental red maples are really starting to turn now. They have a very peculiar pattern of turning – first from the top, and often the east side, which then works downward with each passing day until the entire tree is a bright red. Some turn a lot earlier than...

Fall Color Report for the Week of September 4, 2016

Sep 7, 2016
For those of you who still have one day left in your Labor Day Holiday, consider coming up to the mountains on Monday. The weather is spectacular, with low humidity and cool temperatures, and it’s sunny with views that go for miles. Today was a beautiful day, and I was out hiking the Rough Ridge Trail with our new fall color dog, Mila, 8 months old, who is our new family member after the tragic passing of our other dog, Hanna,whom some of you may remember from previous postings. I still have...

Fall Color Report for the Week of August 28th, 2016

Aug 30, 2016
Well folks, I’M BACK!This post marks the first official fall leaf color post for the 2016 season and I’m looking forward to yet another great fall color season. So once a week, watch for my posts.One technical note: Although I consider myself technically savvy, I plead ignorance with regards to social media. I don’t use Twitter or Instagram (and if I do show up on those places, it’s totally by accident!). If you send me something via messaging, like Facebook messenger, I may or may not see it....

Fall Color Report for the Week of October 11, 2015

Oct 13, 2015
Today, the Fall Color Guy and his daughter Gabriela scouted out the Blue Ridge Parkway fromthe Thunderhill Overlook just outside Blowing Rock down to the Chestoa Overlook about 10miles below Linville. It was a gorgeous day, and the Parkway was full up with leaf lookers.This is THE PEAK WEEK for the Blowing Rock to Grandfather Mountain section of the Parkway.The same might be said for the Cashiers/Highlands area, according to my contacts down thatway. Colors have exploded out over the weekend,...