Undergraduate Advising

Advising for non-declared majors is performed in the General Studies Academic Advising Center but also requires that you attend one of the general advising sessions held in the Biology Department prior to registration. After completing English 1000 and 1100 and 30 semester hours, with a 2.0 GPA or better, you may declare your major at General Studies Academic Advising Center in 101 D.D. Dougherty. You will then have a Biology faculty advisor assigned to you. Each semester prior to registration, faculty members will post advising sign-up sheets at their office. Please come to that session prepared with your check sheet filled out for what courses you have taken and what courses you plan to take. Students are responsible for their own program of study, career planning and personal development; however, faculty advisors consider their role to be an important part of your college program and career preparation. Faculty have an open-door policy that encourages students to discuss all of these issues.


The College of Arts and Sciences Advising and Support Services Hub (CASSH) is located on the first floor of I.G. Greer Hall. The Advising office is staffed by professional advisors and records specialists who serve current and prospective students, as well as faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian State University. Students are encouraged to visit the office for assistance with academic planning and questions, registration and senior checks.  

Health Professions Advising Office

The Appalachian State University Health Professions Advising Office is designed to assist students who wish to enter schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other graduate programs in health-related fields. The HPA Office has experienced tremendous success in placing students into medical and other health professional schools, with acceptance rates traditionally around 75%. For more information, visit the HPA website at, email, or phone (828) 262-8590.