Fall Color Report: September 10, 2023

Fall Color Report for the Week of September 10th, 2023

I didn't get to post a full fall color report for this week, due to exhaustion from my bout with COVID. I'm slowly getting back to normal, so please be patient. And thanks to everyone (Everyone!) for all the kind words over the past week about getting better. I am on the mend; it just takes time!

With regard to fall color updates, nothing much to report. Forests are still all green, but this coming weekend I will be checking out the highest elevations to see if things are starting up. We are having cooler days and especially cooler nights, which bodes well for on-time fall colors. And the cool fronts moving through have brought light to moderate rains, so we are not going to experience severe drought this fall. Urban trees continue to turn color earlier than their counterparts in the woods, so we are seeing some color already in town.
I attach a cute cartoon for your enjoyment, courtesy of my colleague Dr. Dan Caton. Remember, never fool with Mother Nature! Enjoy!

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