Seminar: Soil health in small-scale agroecosystems

Soil health in small-scale agroecosystems
Dr. Alexia Witcombe
Department of Sustainable Develoment
Appalachian State University
Friday, February 23, 2024

Dr. Alexia Witcombe, Appalachian State University's Sustainable Development Department, will be presenting on, "Soil Health in Small-Scale Agroecosystems." 

About:  What is soil health and how can farmers, particularly resource-limited farmers, build soil health?  Dr. Witcombe's research goes into the dynamics of farmer management, socioeconomic factors, and biogeochemical cycles on smallholder farms in Uganda and Malawi elucidates key practices, processes, and limitations to maintaining and building soil health.  Future research examining soil phosphorus management on local small-scale and High Country farms will provide a window into regional biophysical drivers and farm practices.