Stewardship Coordinator - Job

Raleigh, NC
Friday, March 12, 2021
(704) 332-3306

The Stewardship Coordinator will lead planning, coordination, and implementation of land management activities for a
variety of stream, wetland, and other restoration sites. Land management activities involve promoting the long-term
ecological health of project sites necessary to support project success and ecological design. Work relates to native plant
community enhancement, invasive species management, stream stabilization, conservation easement compliance,
landowner relations, and wildlife management. Work will also occasionally involve addressing infrastructure and general
maintenance issues on sites. This position is responsible for identifying land management issues on sites, developing

land management plans, and driving implementation. The Stewardship Coordinator’s role will also involve both hands-
on work and coordination with sub-contractors. The Stewardship Coordinator will additionally be responsible for

monitoring and documenting current conditions on sites and working collaboratively across restoration project teams.
Success in this role will require attention to detail, adaptability, strong communication skills, and problem solving in
addition to a firm background in ecology and land management techniques.

Company Information

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2007 and focuses on stream and wetland restoration, watershed planning
and assessment, and water quality management. With offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Wildlands
Engineering provides water resources engineering, ecosystem restoration, mitigation banking, and consulting services to
an array of clients, including local and state government and conservation organizations. Our dedicated, motivated, and
highly trained team has experience in all aspects of stream and wetland restoration, watershed planning and
assessment, and water quality management. Wildlands Engineering is committed to a watershed and ecosystem
approach to ecological restoration and water quality management, and we provide exceptional services to our clients in
an uncompromisingly ethical, innovative, and time-sensitive manner.

Key Responsibilities
• Promote the long-term ecological health of project sites necessary to support project success and ecological design
• Lead land management planning and implementation for assigned sites
• Vegetation enhancement through vegetation release, promoting soil health, planting, and seeding
• Invasive species management
• Ensure conservation easement areas comply with mandates of recorded conservation easements
• Wildlife management
• Stream stabilization efforts
• Erosion control
• Provide upkeep of fences, gates, and other infrastructure associated with project sites
• Deliver effective communication and coordination with team members, other staff, and sub-contractors
• Meeting deadlines with a willingness to react positively to changes in priorities

• 3 to 5 years of experience related to the key responsibilities and requirements of the job
• A four-year degree in biology, ecology, environmental science, geography, or other related field.
• Understanding of ecological processes important to riparian and wetland restoration in the southeastern United

• Southeastern native and invasive plant identification skills

• GIS proficiency

• Proficiency using Microsoft Office
• Demonstrated initiative
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Must have valid driver’s license
• Adhere to company safety policy and OSHA safety procedures
Preferred Qualifications
• Experience interfacing with landowners and agency officials
• Experience working with conservation easements
• Technical writing experience
• Proficiency in technical literature review
• Experience using power equipment such as chainsaws, brush cutters, and handheld power tools. A chainsaw safety
certification is additionally preferred.
• Commercial Pesticide Applicator license
• Demonstrated ability to develop and implement land management activities
• Advanced degree in relevant field

Physical Demands
• Ability to frequently walk over rough, uneven surfaces
• Ability to sustain periods of strenuous physical exertion
• Ability to lift to 50 pounds
• Ability to work independently in an outdoor setting
• The requirements of the job and the physical demands are performed in outdoor weather conditions with frequent
exposure to wet/humid conditions and extreme heat or cold. Other adverse factors may include exposure to ticks
and poison ivy.
• The successful applicant must be willing and able to apply herbicides safely and effectively according to label
regulations, laws, and best management practices.

Email (preferred method): em here; subject line: Stewardship Coordinator
Fax: (704) 332-3306
Mailing Address: Wildlands Engineering, 312 W Millbrook Rd. #225, Raleigh, NC 27607

The cover letter should identify previous work experience, why you are interested in this position, your approximate
available start date, and any other information that you feel is important. Please be prepared to provide contact
information for three references, if requested.