Dr. Marketa Zimova


Ph.D. University of Montana, MT & North Carolina State University, NC

M.S. University of Montana, MT

B.S. Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


Professional Experience:

Postdoctoral Fellow: Institute for Global Change Biology, School for Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan, MI


Ongoing rapid environmental transformation exposes organisms to novel stressors which can, in the absence of adaptation, contribute to population declines and extinction. My research program seeks to understand these dynamics and predict their effects on wild vertebrate populations. In my research I use a broad range of tools and approaches including intensive field surveys, museum specimens, high-resolution climate and environmental data, and advanced statistical modelling. Ultimately, the goal of my integrative research program is to better guide conservation and management of wild populations and species threatened by global environmental change.





† denotes equal contribution; * denotes undergraduate student advisee

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Mills, L. S., M. Zimova, J. Oyler, S. Running, J. T. Abatzoglou, and P. M. Lukacs. 2013. Camouflage mismatch in seasonal coat color due to decreased snow duration. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110(18): 7360-7365.


Title: Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Ecology, Global Change Biology
Department: Department of Biology

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-2676

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